Lighting design

CES is unique within the industry offering both bespoke lighting design / consultancy and specialist installation services. This allows CES to act as a traditional lighting design consultant or to offer a design & build package.

The combination of specialist skills ensures that CES designs are effective and professional, taking into consideration all the details essential to an architecturally sensitive and discreet installation.

Each place of worship/culture/leisure has individual requirements which is why each design is tailor-made to meet the client’s specific needs in terms of the design process, available budget as well as the on-going operational and maintenance requirements.

CES regularly prepare Feasibility Reports for clients and Technical Reports for governing/approval bodies such as local authorities, Historic England, DAC, HCC, to name a few.

Please explore the tabs below to learn more about the different design services that we offer.

A Full Design Specification is most suited to projects that require approval from an external body or for those wishing to issue the design for competitive tendering.

CES designs generally follow the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Plan of Work 2013 to deliver a complete design. This methodology incorporates several site meetings during the design phases, enabling both CES and the client to discuss the proposed design and exchange feedback.

The design will factor in all aspects of the lighting requirements instructed by the client. The final submitted product will be in two parts:

Design Specification: A full written specification, with Luminaire Schedule, Layout Drawings and Data Sheets suitable for external approval bodies

Tender Document: A tender document including general and particular specifications together with tender instructions allowing the client to go out for competitive tendering*.

*CES is happy to issue a tender return for any design if invited to do so.

An LED Conversion Design is most suited to those projects where the existing electrical infrastructure is still satisfactory and a conversion to LED is all that is required.

The submitted product will be tailored to the needs of the client, but usually contain a variety of the following:

  • - Luminaire Schedule
  • - Layout Drawings
  • - Costing Schedule
  • - Energy saving calculations

CES is able to offer consultancy/design assistance at any stage of a lighting project to Architects, Interior Designers or any other party involved.

We offer the following services:-

  • - Individual Aspect Design (examples: single area design or emergency lighting design)
  • - Light Calculations
  • - 2D Layout Drawings
  • - 3D Modelling
  • - Product Selection / Luminaire Schedules
  • - Technical Reports
  • - Projected Running Costs
  • - Design Review

The submitted documents and associated fees will be tailored to the requirements of the client.

CES recommends that the architect take the lead role with regard to the project management of a lighting installation. However, CES can offer project management for CES designed projects where the architect simply advises or plays a passive role.

CES takescare of the managements aspects such as:

  • - Health and safety
  • - Design integrity
  • - Administration
  • - Site meetings
  • - Oversight of documentation

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